Fan-less Low Power AMD LX-800/LX-900 CPU Board

10.4" TFT LCD Display (option)

Embedded Window XP or WINCE OS(support built-in)

5-wired Resistive Touch Panel with control board (option)

GSM/GPS Board (option)

Battery Backup Board(option)

Dimensions(W x D x T):250x196x56 mm


Low power ARM 32-bit Cotex-M3 CPU

16KB SRAM, 128KB Flash Memory

Low power standby mode

50 channel GPS receiver

Voice/SMS/GPRS mode GSM

Built in battery charger

STN 128x64 LCD, LED/white backlight (option )

Touch panel ( option )

Chasses ( option )


32bit 400MhzARM926EJ RlSC CPU

NAND Flash 256MB, 64MB, 133MHZ DDRll

10/100Mbps high performance Ethernet with RJ45

One host USB, One device USB

One isolated RS485/422

Three RS232, One SPI

LCD controller supporting RGB maximum 16M color at 24bpp

WinCE 5.0 OS

12V~20V DC requirement


Built in High Performance, Low Power AVR-8bit Microcontroller

64KB Flash Memory, 128KB EEPROM, 4KB SRAM

I2C/SPI/RS-232/422/485 CommunicationPort

Isolated RS-422/485

Built in touch panel(option)

STN/gray or blue or yellow LCD, 204x128, LED/white backlight